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Explore resources dedicated to supporting individuals with ADHD and advancing research in the field. Whether you're looking for assistance, information, or opportunities to get involved, these resources can be a valuable guide.

Charities and Support Organisations


UKAAN is a leading organization in the UK that focuses on the understanding and treatment of adult ADHD. They provide resources, conferences, and support for individuals and professionals.

ADDitude is an online platform offering a wealth of information, articles, and resources for individuals with ADHD, their families, and professionals


CHADD is a nonprofit organization providing support, education, and advocacy for individuals with ADHD. Their website offers a range of resources and information.


A UK-based organization dedicated to providing resources and support specifically for adults with ADHD. They offer valuable insights, articles, and community connections.

The NIMH offers comprehensive information on ADHD, including research updates, treatment options, and educational resources.

ahdd foundation neurodivert harit.png

This foundation in the UK is committed to supporting individuals with ADHD and their families. They provide resources, training, and raise awareness about ADHD.

**Please note that we are a research group, and do not offer diagnostic or clinical support. For clinical support and diagnosis, we advise individuals to seek assistance from healthcare professionals, such as the NHS, or reputable support organisations like those mentioned above**

If you’d like more information about our research lab, get in touch today.

Academic Resources


This institute provides resources and educational materials for healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators interested in ADHD.


The APA offers a collection of resources, articles, and research updates related to ADHD.

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