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Measuring Adult ADHD and Menstruation Study


Find out more about the MAAM study, part of a larger project "A life course approach to understanding ADHD among women"

ADHD and Menstrual Cycles

The effects of hormones on functioning among women with ADHD are a big concern. Many women with ADHD report their ADHD gets worse, or their medication doesn't work as well, at certain times of their menstrual cycle. 

The MAAM study aims to investigate the association between the menstrual cycle and symptoms and functioning among women with ADHD

To do this, the MAAM Study will recruit 50 women with ADHD, and collect data over a 3-month period on their menstrual cycle, ADHD symptoms and other related physiological and psychological measures.


Active Data Collection

Participants will respond to daily questionnaires on a mobile app about their ADHD symptoms, medication use, menstruation, and other associated moods and behaviours. 



We will collect data in two ways:

Passive Data Collection

An Oura smart ring device will collect precise data on participants’ physical activity and sleep patterns, and their basal body temperature, which changes predictably across the menstrual cycle.

Findings from this study could have a big impact on ADHD treatment for women, as cycle tracking, adjustments of medication dosage during certain cycle phases, and interventions to support sleep and physical activity, may be beneficial

Dr Jessica Agnew-Blais (Principal Investigator)

Are you a woman aged 18-35, diagnosed with, and taking medication for ADHD?

The MAAM Study is not actively recruiting participants quite yet. But if you would like to be contacted when recruitment starts, please check out our Get Involved page to register your interest!

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